Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools

December 5, 2017

I have long desired to play with quilling techniques and use quilled paper designs on handmade cards. I have purchased some of the basic tools over time and for one reason or another I had lost track of them. While perusing one of my local craft stores I saw a small selection of quilling tools and most of them were from Quilled Creations. This was a company I was familiar with because in the past I had purchased their Quilling Design Board and I loved using it.

I didn’t take long for me to decide that this was a craft that I needed to revisit and the Quilled Creations Beginner Kit ended up in my hands. Now as a working business owner, I could not just sit and play and that kit waited for me for a bit, but while it waited I just kept accumulating more tools and soon I had a collection.

In this unboxing video I will show you the tools I have collected and give a brief overview of how to use them. There will be plenty of follow up videos to show how to make basic shapes and then advanced designs. Ultimately I hope to provide a comprehensive set of videos to give you a one-stop-shop full of ideas and projects on the subject of quilling.

The tools I have gathered are extensive, but in the video I do not show a fringer or a quilling coach, and I have even begun designing an SVG file to see if I could use the Cricut to cut regular strips of all sizes and also the fancy strips for petaled flowers and the swirled flower designs as well. I will keep you posted on my progress with that Quilling SVG file.

Quilling can be used to create card decorations, wall art, jewelry and miniatures. Customizing and creating artistic names is also very popular.

Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 1Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 2Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 3Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 4Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 5Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 6Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 7Unboxing Quilled Creation's Quilling Tools 8


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