Make a Perpetual Annual Calendar on the Cricut Maker

When you watch the video about making the Perpetual Annual Calendar on the Cricut Maker it is important to note that this is a follow up to the video about making the Perpetual Monthly Calendar. This video has a bit less detail, but all of the instructions are included from the point where the SVG file is uploaded.

This annual calendar, made with any 11”x14” frame, is so convenient and family friendly. It is a terrific “at-a-glance” overview of the whole year and the frame size of 11”x14” is an ideal size for most locations. It is not huge, but it is not too small to include important appointments and events. Additionally, using the glass surface of a frame works well because most dry erase white board material eventually stains. This calendar will look more stately than stained.

I must say that I am very pleased with the results. My home office is furnished with antique furniture, all American oak, and I wanted subtle understated accents for my office accessories. The fabric I used was found at Hobby Lobby and it is a light taupe or maybe ecru fabric with a white print. It is almost tone-on-tone and is perfect for a calendar that I want to write on top of. I have been using a black dry erase pen.

The accent color was drawn by the Cricut with a Cricut pen. I used Bronze, but with the Monthly and Annual calendars I decided that I wanted just a touch of gold, so I went over the written details with a gold fabric glitter pen. I’ll put the link below because this pen was AMAZING to write with!

There is a download file that I have made for both the Monthly and Annual Calendar that can be downloaded at no cost. Just click on the link below to find the file (if you are not logged in a registration page will pop up–sign up for free and you will be able to access the download).

Get the Download

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