Making a Perpetual Monthly Calendar on the Cricut Maker

One of the many things I have missed in my office is having a Month-at-a-Glance calendar where I could write in the upcoming special events-important dates such as dinners with friends, birthdays, appointments that I want the family to also remember, travel plans, etc.

There are calendars in many office supply stores that are dry erase, but my office has antique furniture in warm oak tones and the cold look of white board and metal did not appeal to me. Also I find that the dry erase boards tend to stain over time and not look great. One other feature that did not appeal to me was the overall size of the available calendars; they were just too big.

About a year ago I had purchased two 11”x14” frames that I wanted to turn into calendars, but it wasn’t until I bought the Cricut Maker that I knew how I wanted to make them. I created the calendar files using Adobe Illustrator and made my calendars and I wanted to share these files with you.

I am so very happy with the results and my calendars went up on the wall and right into use. They look great, they offer function as well as style. I hope you find that they work for you as well. You can choose any 11”x14” frame with glass, not plastic, and you can choose any fabric and any color pen. I chose light colors to work well in the office, but keep in mind that you will want to be able to write on top of the glass and have it show up. I think light colors work better.

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