How to Knit: Ribbed Bind Off

Wow! I am very happy to you want to learn how to do the Ribbed Bind Off. I am assuming you are a beginning to intermediate knitter, and you are expanding your skills in the knitting arena, and of course I may be wrong, but for some reason you stumbled onto this page and wanted to read or learn about binding off a ribbed piece of knitting. For that reason I am impressed because this is getting a little advanced. Now the big secret here is that even getting a little advanced in the knitting arena is handled just one stitch at a time, with one process at a time. So you can learn to do ANYTHING in knitting and truly master your craft!

The Ribbed Bind Off (or cast off) of a ribbed panel of knitting requires using both a knit stitch bind off and a purl stitch bind off, and nothing more than that. What I mean to say is if you can just put the point of your working needle into the right place and then follow through, whether it feels a bit strange or not and whether or not your hands feel a bit uncomfortable at first, you will master this bind off.

The benefit of learning this bind off method is that you will have a looser finish on your bind off and this is particularly helpful if you are placing a bit of ribbing at the neckline, and works very well if you are creating a ribbed cowl neck on a sweater. I never liked when a turtle neck or a cowl was tight at the outer edge and this bind off will help.

If you are just learning to bind off, I do recommend watching the How to Knit: Binding Off video as a starter because it will outline the process more simply than the ribbed bind off.  Practice each technique on a swatch a couple of times first to become comfortable with it and you will be binding off like a pro in no time at all.

In this video I used the Clover Takumi bamboo needles and Red Heart Grande yarn!


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