How To Knit: Long Tail Cast On

The Long Tail Cast On was the second cast on that I used, and I cannot remember what I did in the very beginning of my knitting adventure. This cast on served me well for many projects and it wasn’t until it was time to make tutorials that I discovered so many other wonderful cast ons. Actually, that is not completely true, in an attempt to make socks I did learn to do a provisional cast on that make a perfect, seamless toe. Alas, all of my sweaters, scarves and blankets all used a Long Tail Cast On.

Many times the calculation for the proper amount of “tail” was wrong and the cast on would need to be undone and started over. Had I known about the Knitted Cast On or the Cable Cast On, I may have deferred to one of these. Keeping in mind that this is just a cast on and removing the fear of starting again, will take you far in knitting and other crafts. If you don’t estimate enough, just start again. It’s not that big of a deal, right?

Mindful of making a good estimate, you can very successfully use this Long Tail Cast On with very good results. The edge is solid, has a good stretch, but is not too loose, and doesn’t roll up uncontrollably. These are all good features of a solid cast on.

I love working with bamboo or wood needles.  I recommend Clover Takumi bamboo needles. The soft wood is very comfortable and tends to hold the yarn better than metal needles. The yarn I am using in this video is Red Heart Grande in red.

There are many beautiful yarns out there and so many organic, soft yarns that are just yummy. It is important to choose well. If you want longevity, consider acrylic since there are so many textures, colors with a range from satiny to lofty. These will stand up to daily life. Luxury yarns are wonderful for special projects or anytime you just want to know that your project is organic, sustainable and of the highest quality. Your care and cleaning for higher end yarns will be very important.


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