How to Knit: Knitted Cast On

Use a Knitted Cast On for any project where you want a loose edge. Flowing sweaters, loose scarf edges would be the first place to use this one. This is an easy all-purpose knitting cast on and works up very quickly for most knitters. If you like this method, but prefer an edge that is a bit more solid and has moderate stretch, but is certainly not as loose as this Knitted Cast On, then opt for the Cable Cast On.

In the video below I used Clover bamboo needles and Red Heart Grande yarn.

There are so many options for casting on yarn. Each one has a good reason for its use and in this particular case the Knitted Cast On will be a very loosely knit cast on. The edge is perfect for some types of sweaters. I made a box sweater that was designed to have slim arms and be oversized and loose fitting. The yarn was beautiful fine lofty yarn with sequins and I designed a striped pattern in four colors. I used black, red, blue and ecru and the blue was brilliant, like a peacock blue. I wanted the bottom to be incredibly loose and to have an unfinished look to it. The knitted cast on is perfect for something that follows this idea.

One huge advantage to using the Knitted Cast On or the Cabled Cast On is that unlike the Long Tail Cast On, you do not have to plan ahead and pull a lot of yarn to create a working amount. You also do not have to redo your cast on when you don’t plan ahead, like I have many times.

Practice this cast on for a simple pattern, but try one that requires a bit more of a cast on than a scarf. Try a dish towel or perhaps a pillow to give yourself a little bit longer cast on and see how this one works out. Then try the Cable Cast On.


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