How to Knit: Cable Cast On

January 10, 2017

A Cable Cast On is perfect for neat edges on a knitted project. When you knit this cast on it makes a perfect, firm scroll accent and if you are knitting a blanket or a coat where you want to see a firm edge with lovely detail, then pick the cable cast on. This cast on knits up in a similar fashion to the Knitted Cast On, but it will be much tighter. The edge of your knitted fabric will not have the same amount of stretch as it would with the knitted cast on.

When I work up this cast on, I prefer to insert my needle into the space in between the two loops on my needle before I tighten up the tension. I mention this in the video and show you an example. When I knit this cast on there is just too much tension and it will work up more easily and more quickly if I do so.

In the knitting tutorial video below I am using Clover Takumi bamboo needles and Red Heart Grande yarn in a brilliant red. I used a large size set of knitting needles, I believe they are a ten and a half, and chunky yarn to help show the stitches more easily. Both of these items can be purchased by simply clicking on the highlighted links and shopping through Amazon, but there are no limits with this cast on. You can use a finer yarn and you can use yarns that have some loft or dimensional elements. You will just need to insert that needle first with frilly or irregular yarns or it may be difficult to complete the stitches.

There are a variety of cast ons and other knitting techniques so feel free to explore the entire knitting portfolio here at Craft Curiosity.


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