How to Knit: Binding Off

January 21, 2017

So, you’ve done all this work! You have learned to cast on and you have knitted up a beautiful item. Now you need to know how to finish this piece, maybe it’s a scarf, or something more elaborate. It is time to learn how to bind off (or cast off) your knitting.

Knowing how to bind off or cast off your knitting is a critical step in the learn-to-knit process. Fortunately it is a simple process to learn. I have attached the video below to take you step by step through the binding off process for the most basic and most widely used bind off in knitting.

There are several different bind-offs that you can you for a variety of reasons, but if you are knitting your first scarf or dish cloth this simple bind off will work just fine. As a matter of fact, if you were making any number of more advanced patterns you would still use this basic bind off in many instances.

Now in this video I am showing you how to bind off in a classic knit stitch bind off method, but it is also possible to cast off from the purl side and that may be just what you want to do. There are also methods that will allow for more elasticity and can be accomplished by using a “slip slip knit” process in the bind off.

At this time I have just two bind off knitting tutorials on Craft Curiosity on YouTube, but I will be adding these additional bind offs to the collection of knitting tutorials. If you want to be alerted, then just check out my YouTube channel and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and you can also click on the smaller button on the channel page that will allow you to receive email alerts.

If you want to find something similar to the Clover Takumi knitting needles or the Red Heart Grande yarn that I used in the video, just click those links and you can check out some options online.


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