How To Knit: Beginner Cast On

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from knitting. One of the easiest ways to begin knitting is to use the Craft Curiosity tutorial to learn the Beginner Cast On.

If you have never picked up a pair of knitting needles, and you have decided you want to learn how to knit, then the How To Knit: Beginner Cast On is right where you want to start!

Knitting is a beautiful, creative way to make artful clothing, accessories and home accents. It is both fashionable and functional. When you pick up a pair of needles and see results come quickly knitting becomes quite addictive. My love for knitting was instant just because I could see the yarn growing into something amazing right before my eyes. There is a certain amount of satisfaction I get from seeing the patterns develop.

Before these projects come off of those needles, we must decide how to begin with a cast on. If there is any apprehension at all, then The Beginner Cast On is perfect for anyone who needs the instant gratification of getting that yarn on the needles. It works well for children and also works well for anyone who is lacking confidence in their ability and needs a little boost. The method on this video tutorial is so quick and easy it practically guarantees success.

If you are not sure what type of yarn or needles to use then I recommend Clover Takumi bamboo needles in a size nine, ten or eleven. The soft wood is very comfortable and tends to hold the yarn better than metal needles. Choose a yarn that is in the chunky sizes, but don’t go with yarns that are too fluffy or frilly just yet. If you need a little flare then pick a yarn with multiple colors. In this video below I am using Red Heart Grande yarn, in a vibrant red.

Just three simple video tutorials about knitting with get you right into your first scarf. Use the How to Knit: Beginner Cast On followed by the How To Knit and Purl tutorial and when you have put enough rows on your project to call if a scarf, then watch the How To Knit: Binding Off video.

This is my recipe for a perfect first project.

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