Easy to Make Crochet Rose Rug

Have you ever struggled to decorate a room when you share a difference of opinionEasy to Make Crochet Rose Rug 1 with your partner? I must say I faced a little bit of this challenge while trying to bring some spark and color to a drab master bedroom in our vacation home. When we purchased this home it came furnished and we haven’t changed much. Our bedroom has a lot of soft gray tones but the wardrobe and dresser are a beautiful golden blonde wood. The existing hues could not be more different…and not in a good way.

We bought artwork from a local artist that was full of vibrant color. Wanting to play up these vibrant colors I purchased a bedspread and pillows with a gorgeous mandala pattern with beautiful bright colors—and lots of them. Of course, my husband was not convinced this would work. Orange, turquoise, lime green, golds; you name it this bedding has it. It was promising, and I thought it would work very well with the art.

The one area that we continued to struggle with was finding some nice rugs to go around our bed. My hope was that I would find rugs that would pull the look together and convince my husband that these bright colors would look good.

We did purchase some simple rugs from a local shop. One for either side of the bed and a third rug for the end of the bed. (This long rug is the one I chose to cover with roses. I have not yet determined the fate of the other two.) I thought they would go well with my multi-colored room; to my dismay they did not look good at all. I was on a mission to find great rugs to tie all of this together.

This room has a cold hard tile floor. Now this is a beach house in a warm, balmy location so the cold tile works well. But, it is still nice to step onto a soft rug when you wake up first thing in the morning, rather than cold hard tiles.

Probably just like you, I am always on Pinterest or looking at craft YouTube videos. It was on Pinterest where I found my inspiration.

Have you seen the felted rugs that look like river rocks? They are stunning! I thought I would make something like that, but I wanted more color and I didn’t like the idea of making stones that were multicolored (at least not with bright colors). It was a great idea, but still not right. It wasn’t long though before I was looking at YouTube and a crocheted rose caught my eye—an idea was born!

I wanted to make a rug with roses, so back to Pinterest I went and sure enough there were a couple of examples of crocheted rose rugs and they were gorgeous. That was it, I now knew exactly what I wanted to create, a beautiful crochet rug made to look like a bed of roses.

Easy to Make Crochet Rose Rug 2I loved the idea that I could add any colors I wanted. Now the colors I chose and you can see here in this photo are quite bright and are probably colors I would never put together normally but for this room it worked. Since our bathroom that goes along with this room is also grays I decided to make a second rug out of just gray roses to go in front of our shower.

It was in the making of the second rug but I went ahead and filmed the video. I did try to film a video while I was staying in my vacation home and the sound quality was terrible. I decided not to torture you with that and I decided to just remake the video when I got back to get my home in California. 

One of the things that I like about this rug is that it’s so very easy to make. A beginner would have no trouble learning the rose pattern. It’s a completely simple rose and my pattern offers two sizes but the difference between the two is very very small. If you can make one rose you can make as many as you need to cover a rug. Of course that can vary by how big do you want the rug to be so if you’re just starting out you might want to start small rug, I however did not. The rug that I made was the width of a queen size bed.

 I could not be more excited about the quality the thickness and the luxurious feel that these rugs have. And even though my husband didn’t initially love all the bright colors in the room he did love the way it pulled everything together, offered a luxurious touch. The room makes more sense now and it’s not drab, it’s exciting and fun. The thickness and luxury of the rug softened the hard look of our room and the colors liven and it up beautifully. 

This rose rug was so easy to create that I know even a beginning crocheter could do this. I’ve put directions up on the video and I would love to hear your feedback if you’ve had any trouble making these roses at all, please let me know. If I need to break it down even further I will. I’ve included an instructional pattern in my Craft Room and it has a nice diagram as well. Everybody learns in a different way so I’m not quite sure which method is going to work best for you. Is it the video learning, iss it the written instructions or is it the diagram? Please comment and let me know so I can be sure to provide the very best instruction I can.


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