The Easiest Way to Make Bee’s Wax Wrappers

Creating this video was a difficult process. I went through several variations of how to heat the beeswax onto the fabric and most were messy and required too much dedicated equipment or supplies.

As a Beekeeper I have work with beeswax a little bit. I have separated wax from honey. I have purified wax to store for future projects. I have had wax in all colors from the purest white that only comes from brand new hive boxes to rich golden hues from matures hives. Sadly, to this day, I have not made candles. I have all of the equipment and I will make them eventually and I am sure it will end up on video for your viewing pleasure.

When my oldest daughter showed me Bee’s wax Wrappers and told me about using them to store food, acting as a reusable replacement for plastic wrap and to cover bowls for food storage my first thoughts were how I would make these. My secondary thoughts were how I would keep my kitchen clean while I made these.

I scoured the internet and saw several methods and got to work. I bought aluminum trays so I would not permanently damage my cookies sheets and tried melting the wax onto the cloth in the oven. The was didn’t spread well, and I felt like I had to watch it like a hawk. Wax has a fairly low flame point and I didn’t want to start a fire. The oven method just made me nervous. My next attempt was to use an embossing heat gun to melt the beeswax, but it just blew the wax around too easily before melting it and again it did not spread well.

The iron and parchment paper method  that I show on the video, on top of a folded towel was so easy, clean and effective! The wax spread, the mess was contained to sheets of parchment (which can be saved and reused) and the towel was there to soften the work surface and also catch any wax that may possible leak from the paper. I started with less wax and I could easily add more, so leaking didn’t really happen. It was controlled, simple and fast.

Keep these wrappers in mind for gifts. They last about one year, so like a dish towel, a hostess can always use some more. Plus, if you look for Fat Quarters in your fabric stores quilting department you will find a range of fun fabrics to match anyone’s theme or décor.

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