Vintage Style Hand Knotted Crystal Necklace

February 25, 2017

I was inspired to make this piece when I saw a similar necklace worn by a good friend. It featured brilliant crystals in a matched rainbow color combination that flowed to a centered tassel pendent of brilliant yellow silk. My friend paired the necklace with a black velvet top and ballerina skirt and looked sensational. My friend looked amazing and that necklace really grabbed my attention.

Hand knotting is beautiful! I love using this vintage technique to create long strands of beads or crystals. It has been used for years to create pearl necklaces and the knots would be placed between each pearl to protect these valuable pearls from spilling to the floor if the string breaks. The knots also keep the beads, pearls or crystals from rubbing against each other.

There are multiple methods available for hand knotting, some methods use a single strand and some use two strands. The material is usually nylon or silk, with silk used for finer pieces. I chose C-Lon cord to make this Vintage Style Hand Knotted Crystal Necklace because I wanted some of the cord color to show through the crystal and I wanted a larger, more obvious knot in between each bead. I also used the same C-Lon cord to create the tassel. I appreciate the lovely finish of this material and by using this cord for the tassel it allows the sheen of the material to really show through.

Repetitive projects like this, especially when done to create a piece of jewelry, can be completed in one night and keep your hands busy while watching a favorite show on the television. The same technique could be used for a bracelet, but I would include a clasp and use two or three strands of beads to add substance.

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