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How To: Make a Gourmet Food Gift Plate

Have you ever considered purchasing a gourmet food gift? In many cases it can be the perfect gift. When you are stumped and just can't decide what to give, when the receiver is one of those people who has everything, when your recipient is someone you don't know very well, then offering a gift with […]

Fruit Bouquets: No Sugar Added, But They Sure Are Sweet

For Easter I was tasked with bringing a fruit salad for our family dinner. I like fruit salad, but I often feel like a large bowl of cut up fruit needs a little something, maybe a bit of sugar or honey, some fresh mint is always a nice addition and I could certainly mix in […]

The Easiest Way to Make Bee's Wax Wrappers

Creating this video was a difficult process. I went through several variations of how to heat the beeswax onto the fabric and most were messy and required too much dedicated equipment or supplies. As a Beekeeper I have work with beeswax a little bit. I have separated wax from honey. I have purified wax to […]

Forget-Me-Not Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

I designed the Forget-Me-Not Easter Egg Sugar Cookies to be a wonderful beginner sugar cookie project. Royal Icing is not for the meek—there is a learning curve—but I assure you it is not a steep curve. With patience and practice your cookies will start out a little rough, but drastically improve as you work on […]

Christmas Stocking Sugar Cookie

Every year for Christmas I host a “Family Baking Day” where I make dozens of sugar cookies and prepare colorful tubes of royal icing and we have a great deal of fun creating beautiful Christmas Sugar Cookies.  I have had a bit of practice working with sugar cookie dough and royal icing and I have […]
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