Handwritten Foil Embossing

Handwritten Foil Embossing is a new technique for me. Imagine how exciting it will be to add your signature to a letter or card and then emboss it with beautiful foil. Think of how many items you could personalize with a truly elegant finish. I can think of so many items where this could be useful and beautiful.

This Craft Curiosity video shows an introductory technique that you can recreate without a large investment in a foiling application machine such as the Heidi Swapp Foiling machine. You can skip the embossing altogether by using a bone folder. A bone folder is a dull flat tool that can be used in paper folding or origami, but it would also be very effective here to press the foil down firmly onto the Zig Memory System Two Way Glue Pen.

When you use thermal reactive foil products one thing that you want to keep in mind is that you can use every bit of the foil. If you create a project with a design like you can see in the Handwritten Foil Embossing video; a design where you are going to press the foil and then peel it up, and then have a scrap piece with a lot of remaining gold foil, you can use the rest of the foil for additional projects. Be mindful of this when you are making something. You want to keep every scrap until no foil remains. Another little secret is if you pull up your foil and one part didn’t stick, just put some more foil over it and press again, firmly. Peel back the sheet and you should have a nicely covered area.

Check out the video to see what I did in just a matter of a few minutes and if you have any comments, I would love to hear from you.

Handwritten Foil Embossing 1Handwritten Foil Embossing 2Handwritten Foil Embossing 3Handwritten Foil Embossing 4Handwritten Foil Embossing 5Handwritten Foil Embossing 6Handwritten Foil Embossing 7

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