The Craft Curiosity website was created to provide tutorials of basic, intermediate and advanced crafting skills using many different mediums. My name is Regan and I have designed and continue to maintain the Craft Curiosity website to share what I have learned. I am an avid multi-crafter, who has attempted many, and mastered some, of the following crafts:

Hi! I'm Regan...
a very curious crafter!
Hi! I'm Regan... a very curious crafter!

Box Cards
Broomstick Lace
Candle Making
Card Making
Chalk Painting
Cookie Decorating
Craft Organizing
Cricut Machines

Glass Etching
Home Decor
Machine Embroidery
Machine Knitting
Micro Macramé
Paper Cutting

Soap Making
Tunisian Crochet
Vinyl Cut Outs
Wire Jewelry

Follow me on a journey of craft exploration and refresh your skills, pick up tips or learn to do something new. There is great satisfaction in creating with your own two hands and as your project unfolds you will have a wonderful sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Whatever you find to suite your interest, I encourage you to learn as much as you can about your desired interest. I hope that you will engage with me and comment on my videos so I can learn also, and strive to make better and better tutorials.

My tutorials and this website are a work in progress and I am as passionate about this project as I am about crafting. Keep coming back to see new videos, new ideas, improved web pages and ongoing growth.

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