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Are you looking for crafting ideas, inspirations and instructions? Then you are in the right place. The Craft Curiosity website and YouTube channel were created to provide fun ideas and clear instruction for a variety of craft projects.

Creative women everywhere are turning to fun and easy projects with clear instructions to beautify their homes, find creative storage solutions and create with love for their family.

Join the journey into DIY Crafts and find a world of projects that are easy to learn and simple to create. Craft Curiosity has six general craft categories, but these six categories  lead to a large variety of crafts.

Regan is the crafter behind this brand and each video, blog, download and shop item is a project or topic of her own interest that she has created or recreated from the wonderful ideas presented on the internet and from her favorite local craft stores. 


A little about Regan

From a very young age I have had a curiosity for handmade treasures. I was inspired by my grandmother, who made her living as a seamstress and by crocheting and selling beautiful afghans. I asked her to teach me how to crochet and I made a pillow with a beautiful cross-stitched rose on top.  That began a lifetime of needlecrafts for me… embroidery, needlepunching and a lot more cross-stitching, all of which are still displayed proudly by my mom.

As an adult my curiosity for crafting blossomed and I added multiple crafts to my growing list of hobbies. In an effort to share what I have learned and a hope to create a curious community of crafters I lauched this website and my Craft Curiosity YouTube channel.

I hope you will join my journey and try something new, take your crafting hobby farther and share what you know. Happy crafting!

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